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Purpose: Business automation

Accounting for tissue use

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Accounting for tissue use - Program screenshot

Textile Accounting is an international class specification which adds tissue in any foreign language. Work in the atelier is directly related to the supply and use of accessories and tissue. In the industry, buying them up requires calculating applications as needed. Conducting control, taking into accounting the type of fittings, considers the importance of using system support services. The improved accounting structure provides significant control over tissue use. Management in the provision of services combines the use of tissue in production, the expense of the production of a product, organizing a successful working day. Established, accounting of tissue use is justified by accessible, understandable, uncomplicated software which allows high quality of work and service at the required level. For each order, there is a built-in calculation of consumables; it shows what accessories in what quantity are needed for sewing. The USU has the required strengths in tissue management and the use of consumables. In the garment industry, accounting of the use of data, comparing their use, we save the return on materials. Controlling the cost and use of tissue is especially important in manufacturing. The program implements services in the required order, controlling their execution taking your business to the next level. Warehouse accounting of tissue automates the acceptance and consumption of fabrics according to fixed documents.

The entire list of warehouse products is included in the nomenclature, clearly forming documents of all product sales. There are the settings of the entry of goods including all characteristics, size, quantity, image, individual number. In any department of the atelier, you may view reports on warehouses, remnants of tissue, accessories, and finished products. You may form the availability of goods at the moment, as well as its use in the near future. A separate report is generated for the tissue used. Based on the manufacturing estimate, an order report is generated. The report includes: order number, product name, color, size, cost, and quantity. Accounting of the use of tissue is an accounting of materials used and the formation of different types of reports. With implementation and introduction, the control system has become easier and more convenient to operate. It should be noted that the program automatically calculates everything and detects errors in production. Access to the application prevents personnel from deleting or correcting important documentation on their own. Accounting in the atelier is carried out by sewing and used tissue. To complete the business, each employee receives a salary, which is calculated using the system. To prepare the product, the material is written off from the warehouse. In the process of work, you do not have to manually enter the sequence of action, and the necessary tissue, the system itself arranges everything. In some cases, you can make adjustments of fabrics or tailoring. The customer's order during production is registered in the atelier according to the documents, when ready it is sent to the warehouse of finished products. The employee is guided by the remainder of the goods both in the warehouse and in the atelier. For each application, the cost of the service is calculated. All these operations are automated in a single database.

Below is a short list of the USU features. The list of possibilities may vary depending on the configuration of the developed software.

Tissue use is recorded automatically with a control system;

Formation of wages of employees, considering the work done;

The supply of production of fittings is recorded with the data of the stocks, such as quantity, date, name, supplier;

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  • Video of accounting for tissue use

When adding a material to the nomenclature, we give a full description, thus we get a quick search for a product by any parameters;

Consignment notes of the sale of services, invoices, checks, contracts are generated automatically by the system, according to previously filled in data for all norms;

In the reports on the product, it shows whether the items were stored or defective fittings, these products can be automated by application, or written off;

The USU Software is the formation of reports on the balance of items;

Timely notification of employees about the ending accessories, if the employee is not on the spot, the notification comes by SMS - message;

USU has modern notifications to clients, such as SMS - notification, voice mailing, e-mail mailing;

When starting the program, you can select the language.

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The analysis of fittings is compiled of the item which is more preferable and the most sold, which is less preferable, and what is the least sold;

USU is a planned, stable growth to success, and effective management control;

The presence of affixing a discount of the implementation of the service, automates ready-made documents of accurate recalculation;

Distributes the best employee depending on the quantity and quality of work performed;

The application informs the action of each day, ensuring high productivity;

The database retains customers of the entire period of the existence of the atelier;

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Accounting for tissue use

The system provides the work, creation, storage, processing, use of the necessary information for the past and present;

Draws up and prints any kind of reports, in the form of diagrams, graphics;

The employee module contains all information, title, personal data, and date of acceptance for the position;

The sales section keeps accounting of all sales of services of the past and present;

Each inventory carried out is recorded in the form of a table, with the name and quantity;

The USU includes many other tasks of use in the module of quality management and production development.