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Accounting for delivery in a transport company

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Accounting for delivery in a transport company - Program screenshot

With the development of online services for the purchase of goods, transport companies have acquired additional customers. Even small shops, trying to withstand the unequal struggle with competitors, offer delivery service for the convenience of customers. When it comes to a company that is specifically engaged in the transportation of goods, the competent organization of the work process and reporting will help to stay afloat in this area. By correctly accounting for delivery in a transport company, it becomes possible not only to maintain its position in the market of goods and services, but also to move forward.

Delivery control in a transport company is important not only for the internal organization of work. Late delivery, damage to goods and other problems arising in this industry should also be reflected in reporting and accounting in order to develop strategies to minimize transaction times and transportation costs. Carried out transport records should cover all factors, providing complete information.

Being engaged in accounting and control, road transport companies develop certain models for regulating situations, maintaining reporting and document flow in general. Control and accounting of delivery in a trucking company helps to control couriers, the position of the goods, arrival times, the movement of vehicles. There are systems that display the position of a transport unit in real time, which provide continuous communication with the driver. This also includes accounting for fuel spent, repair costs, penalties for non-delivery (delays, damage or loss of a parcel). It keeps track of the wages of both drivers and other employees.

The departments of transport delivery companies responsible for vehicles also keep records of them, track their condition, fill out related documentation (for example, for wear and tear), analyze the profitability of using a particular vehicle in accordance with the distance and the calculation of gasoline for it. This information is displayed in the shipping accounting for the shipping company. Summarizing the results of accounting for specific departments, we get data that are common for the entire enterprise. Thanks to such accounting, not only control over the state of the vehicle fleet is carried out, but also over the finances of the enterprise itself.

As you can see from the above, accounting is not easy. It is not always that specialists from the accounting department who keep records of transport companies are able to independently process all the indicators. Specialized programs that perform many processes automatically come to the rescue in such matters. For example, software (software) will perform the calculation of indicators on the success of delivery, company, control in just a matter of seconds. For comparison, a person would have spent much more time already at the stage of collecting the information necessary for accounting and calculations.

The Universal Accounting System (USU) is the software - the leader in accounting, reporting and documentation. The Accounting System automates a number of operations previously performed manually. It is ideal for accounting for delivery in a transport company already due to the fact that its ability to integrate with equipment allows you to obtain the desired indicators remotely, automatically and online.

The courier service software allows you to easily cope with a wide range of tasks and process a lot of information on orders.

Full accounting of the courier service without problems and hassle will be provided by software from the USU company with great functionality and many additional features.

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Accounting for delivery using the USU program will allow you to quickly track the fulfillment of orders and optimally build a courier route.

The courier program will allow you to optimize delivery routes and save travel time, thereby increasing profits.

Competently executed delivery automation allows you to optimize the work of couriers, saving resources and money.

Automation of a courier service, including for small businesses, can bring considerable profits by optimizing delivery processes and reducing costs.

If a company requires accounting for delivery services, then the best solution may be software from the USU, which has advanced functionality and broad reporting.

The program for the delivery of goods allows you to quickly monitor the execution of orders both within the courier service and in logistics between cities.

With the operational accounting for orders and general accounting in the delivery company, the delivery program will help.

Keep track of the delivery of goods using a professional solution from the USU, which has wide functionality and reporting.

The delivery program allows you to keep track of the fulfillment of orders, as well as track the overall financial indicators for the whole company.

Automated control of vehicles in the delivery company.

A new approach to accounting for delivery in a trucking company.

Prompt communication with the driver. The ability to change the route delivery "on the go".

Control over all indicators for the vehicles involved. Tracking the terms of maintenance, terms of operation, working hours, travel time.

Convenient system for tracking the courier's working time, calculating his salary. Display of all working information on it (length of service, activity, completed tasks, salary, sick leave, bonuses).

Convenient product databases. The ability to easily organize data, find a parcel in the system by number, manufacturer, recipient.

Bookkeeping and accounting of the transport company. The Accounting System is suitable for companies of any orientation and size. In whatever area your business is promoted, the program will be able to optimize it.

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Accounting for delivery in a transport company

Simplification of control of incoming and outgoing payments. The software has a built-in notification system that will tell you that the due date is approaching, that someone has not paid on time.

Fast formation of reports on the transport delivery of goods. Display of all relevant indicators. The ability to sort exactly those indicators by which you would like to build a report.

Generating a route in the program, taking into account all stops and destinations.

Multiuser interface.

Protection of your profile and personal data.

Remote access. Convenience is that on the way access to the necessary information remains. All you need is the Internet.

An overview of the situation in the transport delivery warehouse, accounting for the movement of products in the warehouse, monitoring compliance with the storage conditions corresponding to the description of the product.

Ensuring prompt delivery, improving tracking.

Laconic forms for reports with the logo of your transport organization. Displaying on the forms only those items that are required on a specific topic.

Summation of indicators for all motor vehicle garages, for couriers, departments, etc.