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Group of programs: USU Software
Purpose: Business automation

Accounting of a request

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Accounting of a request

When ordering, it is necessary to keep records of a customer request, because the quality of work and the timing of their implementation, as well as the success of the enterprise, depend on this. It is not always convenient, fast, and efficient to receive applications and record applications on paper. After all, this is already an outdated accounting option, because today everything is automated electronically. When using automated electronic programs, you not only automate production processes, reduce financial and time costs, but also expand your customer base, increase profitability and productivity. Do not delay the implementation of an automated application, and also be careful when choosing, given the large selection and variety, both in terms of settings and pricing. Remember that accounting by request should be not only easy but also versatile, optimizing production processes, as well as convenient and fast. There is a large selection on the market, but one of the best remains our automated utility USU Software system, with an easy-to-understand interface and cost. The low pricing policy of our company is not all the savings, because there is no subscription fee, which not every developer of a high-tech utility can provide. Also, our development is multi-user, allowing employees to have one-time access from various departments and branches, having access to the necessary materials, based on differentiated rights, for reliable protection of information data stored in a single accounting system. It is also worth noting that you no longer need to spend a lot of time looking for the files and information you need, because everything is automatically saved on a remote server, and you can find them through a contextual search engine. The data is regularly updated to avoid confusion and errors. By the way, regarding errors. You no longer need to worry about the quality of the entered information, because there is an import of data from various sources. Also, importing minimizes the time and effort of employees, which again is beneficial to the organization. The manager can increase efficiency, monitor the work of employees and the success of the enterprise, when receiving reports on the tracking of working hours and statistical request data on orders and profitability of the enterprise, analyzing customer request and their growth. Acceptance of payments, for convenience and efficiency, can be performed in cash and non-cash methods. You can endlessly list the advantages of the USU Software orders request accounting, but why spend so much time, because you can independently test the utility and get to know the modules and capabilities closer, and completely free of charge, by installing the demo version. For additional questions, our specialists happy to advise you or follow the link to our website and receive detailed information on the desired questions. Automation of work on the accounting of calls, with the help of our universal system, becomes easier and faster, clearer and better. Information request data processing is automated and working hours optimized. An electronic recording request accounting system allows conveniently and permanently entering and saving information data. Materials can be automatically saved to the desired tables. The use of various document formats also allows downloading data from different sources. Prompt request search or other information using a contextual search engine. Automatic data entry optimizes the working time of employees. The notification system allows reminding about important events in time. Time tracking makes it possible to coordinate and discipline employees, analyzing the quality and time of work, and calculating wages. SMS messages are used not only to provide information but also to receive feedback, feedback on the quality of work, when contacting, keeping accounting records in separate journals. Automatic distribution of duties between employees, taking into account the received request. Changes can be made in the request, taking into account the maintenance of electronic journals, tracking the status of their execution. In the accounting program, you can store information in unlimited volumes. The application provides the differentiation of user rights. Personalization and privacy are provided to each user. Convenient configuration settings. Use of convenient payment systems, both in cash and non-cash. A free demo version is available. Nice and user-friendly interface, easily customizable and adaptable to each user. Nowadays, effective customer relationship accounting is gradually becoming successful being and further growth of modern enterprises strategy. The focus of enterprises on improving client communications is due to many tendencies, in particular, increased rivalry, increased customer requirements for the property of materials offered and the grade of service, a reduction in the effectiveness of traditional marketing options, as well as the appearance of new technologies for interaction with customers and the functioning of enterprise divisions. That is why the trouble of organizing and ensuring efficient work with clients is very immediate. This imposes its requirements on the capacity of service, and first of all on such aspects as the speed of customer service, the absence of mistakes, and the availability of data about the customer's previous contact. Such demands can only be met by using an automated information processing accounting application. In the modern accounting system market, there are a large number of programs for recording a user request, calculating the number of abatements and benefits, but most of them are focused on a too broad subject place and do not take into account the specs of a particular company. Some of them lack the needful functionality, some have ‘odd’ options for which there is no point in paying, all this necessitates the individual growth of the system for the needs of the company. But, in a specially designed product from the USU Software, you will use only the most needful and useful accounting functions for you and your clients.