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Rating: 4.9. Number of organizations: 159
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Operating system: Windows, Android, macOS
Group of programs: USU Software
Purpose: Business automation

Apps for email distribution

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Apps for email distribution - Program screenshot

Electronic mailing applications have the distinct advantage that they can be used in different situations. They are able to work both via the Internet and through local networks, thus significantly facilitating the maintenance of accounting and control. You will immediately notice the difference in the quality of your services when using electronic assistants and manual payments. The application for email distribution from the Universal Accounting System company can operate via local networks or the Internet, which significantly increases their productivity. At the same time, the number of users does not play a significant role, because our application for sending letters to email can successfully process a huge amount of information in the shortest possible time. Each user is registered, this is a prerequisite for further work. In this case, he is assigned a personal username and password. After that, the user can enter the corporate network, as well as configure the functionality in a convenient way. For example, there are more than fifty colorful templates for desktop design. You can change them at least every day, as well as set the logo of your institution to maintain a uniform style. In addition, the application for email newsletter provides for the presence of international software that supports absolutely all languages of the world. This is very convenient if you have foreign partners or branches. User access rights also vary significantly. Each of them has access only to those modules that are directly related to their area of authority. Another thing is the head of the enterprise, because for his effective activity you need to see the full picture of what is happening. He can regulate every little detail, thus ensuring the success of his business. The main settings of the system also fall on his shoulders. Before starting the main work, you need to fill out the application directories once, so that the distribution will be carried out automatically in the future. This will greatly facilitate your work, and the necessary letters will definitely reach their addressee. The advantage of USU projects is also that they support almost all existing office formats. This means that you can easily accompany text entries with explanatory photographs or graphics, as well as display descriptive information in letters. In addition, the need for constant export or copying of files disappears by itself, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage. The database in installations of this type is formed automatically, immediately after the first entry is entered. Over time, it is constantly expanding, replenished with new information and records. However, the exemplary order remains unchanged. Therefore, despite the growing volume of information, you can easily navigate your virtual storage, and you can also find the desired document within a few seconds. Accelerated contextual search, which accepts any parameters of the desired file, will help you with this. With its help, it is easy to find and sort records for any period of time related to any person or company, etc. Automated email applications are a handy tool for all kinds of institutions. Even inexperienced beginners who have barely learned how to turn on a computer can master them. In this case, you do not need to spend titanic efforts or spend a lot of time.

Mailing and accounting of letters is carried out through the mailing of e-mail for clients.

A program for sending SMS will help you send a message to a specific person, or make a mass mailing to several recipients.

When sending bulk SMS, the program for sending SMS pre-calculates the total cost of sending messages and compares it with the balance on the account.

The viber messaging program allows you to form a single customer base with the ability to send messages to the Viber messenger.

Viber mailing software allows mailing in a convenient language if it is necessary to interact with foreign clients.

A free SMS messaging program is available in test mode, the purchase of the program itself does not include the presence of monthly subscription fees and is paid for once.

The mailing program allows you to attach various files and documents in an attachment, which are generated automatically by the program.

The program for mass mailing will eliminate the need to form identical messages to each client separately.

The free program for mailing to e-mail sends messages to any e-mail addresses that you choose for mailing from the program.

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The email newsletter program is available to be sent to customers all over the world.

The program for SMS over the Internet allows you to analyze the delivery of messages.

The free dialer is available as a demo version for two weeks.

The automated messaging program consolidates the work of all employees in a single program database, which increases the productivity of the organization.

You can download the program for mailing in the form of a demo version to test the functionality from the website of Universal Accounting System.

The program for outgoing calls can be changed according to the individual wishes of the customer by the developers of our company.

SMS software is an irreplaceable assistant for your business and interaction with clients!

The program for sending SMS from a computer analyzes the status of each sent message, determining whether it was delivered or not.

The program for sending letters to phone numbers is executed from an individual record on the sms server.

To notify customers about discounts, report debts, send out important announcements or invitations, you will definitely need a program for letters!

When starting the program, you can select the language.

Choose language

A free program for email distribution in the trial mode will help you see the program's capabilities and familiarize yourself with the interface.

The program for sending announcements will help to keep your clients always up to date with the latest news!

The program for SMS messaging generates templates, on the basis of which you can send messages.

The program for calling clients can call on behalf of your company, transmitting the necessary message for the client in voice mode.

Significant resource savings will lower costs for your business and increase your productivity.

Keeping track of the organization of email campaigns is much easier through the electronic control system.

You can reach huge audiences of people by motivating them to use your services.

These installations will perfectly fit into the practice of the company of the most different directions.

The lightweight interface has sincerely attracted USU customers for many years. In addition, we are constantly improving it without overloading the configuration itself with unnecessary details.

Even thousands of people can work in the email application at the same time - this will not affect its performance in any way.

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Apps for email distribution

A flexible system of settings will help you get the most out of the software. It can be adjusted in accordance with the requests of each user.

The database will be created here without your participation - quickly and efficiently.

Accelerated contextual search is the best solution to save time and nerves at the same time. Just a few letters or numbers are enough for it to work.

Constant monitoring of the slightest nuances helps to take into account all the factors affecting business development in the modern market.

The application for sending letters to email has a backup database. This means that it will not be difficult to recover the damaged file.

To get started in this supply, you just need to fill out the reference books. It is permissible to use manual input or import from a suitable source as soon as possible.

The main setup menu includes only three sections - these are reference books, modules and reports.

Lots of unique customization options.

Mobile apps, platform integrations, proprietary online stores, management guides, and much more are available.

If you want to adjust the schedule of your software in advance, use the services of the task scheduler.

A complete list of application features for sending emails to email is available in demo mode.