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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy

Import of goods from Excel

Import of goods from Excel

Our program for drug accounting has the ability not only to fill in the nomenclature manually, but also the ability to speed up the preparation process many times by loading your usual Excel tables directly into the program!
In order for the file to be imported as accurately as possible, the document must be filled in according to a single standard.
For import, there is a special icon at the top of any table:


Next, you need to select the type of document from where we are importing, and select the fields of your table and the fields of the tables of the program. Then import. Please note that it is necessary to take into account the nesting of tables, namely, where, when adding, we rely on an external table. For example - goods. In such cases, you will have to track the transfer of data and change the original document for them.

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