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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy

Company expenses

Company expenses

In addition to the movement of funds, it is worth considering the headache of each company - and this is the cost.

The costs of the drug accounting program are already segregated by basic financial items such as rent of premises, utilities, salaries, etc. Therefore, in order to pay, for example, for renting a room, we all create a corresponding record in the same module Money.

Now we indicate that we pay for rent in the paragraph of the financial article, we indicate the Bank account in point C of the cash desk, since we want to pay from there and indicate our supplier and the amount:

 Registration of expenses

Now, to see all this in the form of a beautiful report, let's go to the section "Reports - Money - Articles" . In the window that appears, we also drive in the date and at the output we get the following report:

 Ready report

As you can see, here we reflect not only the expense, but also the arrival of the company, and in addition to the table - also in a simple and convenient schedule. It is so easy and simple to display reports on the company's cash transactions for any period of time.

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