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Instructions for the program for logistics


How to find out who changed or deleted data in the program?

In the course of work in the program, a situation may arise when one of the employees made some changes, added or deleted some records. And okay, if these are new, newly created records, but if this is important data, or even worse - data about a product or finance? Then it can do a lot of damage to the activities of your company. To prevent this, the program has the ability to track who performed what actions and when.

This feature is called Audit. To do this, you need to go to such a window in the top menu of the program:


In the window that appears, we can select a period and enter the text of the entry that we are looking for. After clicking search, a list of users will appear who have added, changed or deleted an entry. The reasons for the deletion, which the program asks about when trying to delete a record, will also be indicated here.

Audit in a table

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