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Instructions for the program for logistics


Adding a new counterparty

There is no division into carriers, partners and clients in the program. Instead, there is only one table in Modules - Organization. This table is – Counterparties. The table can be categorized by all customers, carriers, partners and contractors.

  • In the field «Price list» , a possible discount for the counterparty is specified. It is selected using the «arrow» con from an already filled catalog in the «Directories».
  • The «Source of Information» field is used to indicate how the customer learned about your company.
  • In the field «Name» you can write any designation of a certain client convenient for you. It can be passport data: surname, name, patronymic; the name of the supplier company; the name of your organization to keep track of various expenses in the future.
  • The checkboxes «SMS and EMAIL notification» are indicated so that the client can receive mailings from the program.
  • Fields with phone numbers are filled in if contact phone numbers are registered.
  • The «E-mail» field is used to record e-mail.
  • The «City» field is used to record the customer's city.
  • Field «Address» to record the exact address.
  • The «Note» field is used to record and store any necessary text information.

After filling in all the fields marked with an asterisk and adding, if necessary, any additional entries, click «Save».

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