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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy


Taking inventory using a barcode scanner

It is also possible to quickly enter data into the program for keeping records of medicines using a barcode scanner.

After the inventory record is created, you can automatically arrange the planned balances, which will be taken based on your actions in the program and the balances at the moment in the selected warehouse by subcategories.

To automatically arrange the expected balances, go to the actions section in the upper corner of the table and select “Product amount. Planned".

Quantity of goods. Plan

In the window that appears, select the category and subcategory of the product, click Run.

Operation parameters

Now in the lower table the values of the planned balances of the goods in the selected subcategory have been automatically entered. Thus, you can quickly add the planned balance for all subcategories of your warehouse.

Now directly to the inventory. In order to carry out an inventory using a barcode, you must now go back to the actions and select “Product amount. In fact".

Quantity of goods. Fact

In the field that appears, indicate the remainder, then read the barcode from the product with the scanner and press Enter.

Filling in parameters

Now, at the bottom of this window, information about the product will appear and an indication of how much was expected and how much you received:

Completed data

You can carry out a complete inventory of the list without closing the window. As the inventory progresses, the column will grow Done. This way you will never forget to display all the products in the list.

Upon completion of entering the data, click "Close" and all data will be saved and will be reflected in the lower table.

Inventory totals in a table

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