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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy


Features of the pharmaceutical nomenclature

In the program for a pharmacy, there is a special nomenclature form that allows you to work both with packages of medicines and with the individual sale of tablets. The window for adding an item to the list looks as follows:


We are already familiar with most of the fields. However, there are some fields that require more detailed consideration.

  • Active substance - indicated for further search and work with drugs of similar action. It can be useful if a client needs to purchase a certain medicine that is not in stock, but there are analogues.
  • Packaging barcode - to be filled in if your organization sells tablets by the piece. In this case, you fill in the barcode and packaging barcode only for those products that you can sell by the piece. Then the barcode of the package will be indicated when selling the entire package, and simply the barcode - when selling by the piece. But we'll talk about this a little later.
  • Amount in package - number of tablets per package when sold per piece.
Filled out card

Another feature of the nomenclature for pharmacies is the ability to specify the minimum balance with even greater accuracy. Very handy when working with lobes and liquid preparations.

See also on the features of the sale of medicines:

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