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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy


Piece sale of drugs

As mentioned earlier, the drug control program allows you to sell drugs by the piece, right from the package. Earlier, when filling out the stock list card, we indicated the number of tablets in the package. And also in the price lists indicated the price of the whole package. We also looked at how to sell a whole package. Now let's talk about how to quickly arrange a sale, for example, a pair of activated carbon tablets.
So, in order to sell, you need a product code. If there is no barcode scanner, you can print the memo in the nomenclature, or see the barcode itself there:


Now, in the sales window, enter the barcode, after placing "*" in front of the barcode itself. So, if we want to sell activated carbon by piece, then its barcode in the sales window will look like this:«*1005».


When you press Enter in the Sales list window, a piece record and the name of the product will appear. The field Price will contain the amount that was obtained by dividing the price indicated in the price lists by the number of tablets in the package. Thus, we can quickly arrange the sale of tablets in pieces.

Shopping list

And if you need to sell a certain number of tablets, then in the quantity field they are indicated immediately:


The amount will be calculated automatically.


After the sale, opened packs will be added to the nomenclature and the number of tablets remaining in it will be reflected:

Balances in the nomenclature

See also on the features of the sale of medicines:

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