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Instructions for the program for the store

Remains of goods

Remains of goods in the nomenclature

In the program, after we have capitalized the product, its quantity will be immediately reflected in the nomenclature. To do this, go back to "Directories - Product - Product names" and see that its quantity has increased:

Balances in the nomenclature

Remains of goods in any warehouse by report

In addition to visual display, you can create a separate document, which will indicate the balances for any warehouse in your organization. To do this, you just need to decide on which warehouse you want to receive a report and the period of time for which you want to track the balance. A ready-made report can be obtained from a number of warehouse reports. All such reports are located in a separate folder "Reports - Store - Remaining goods". In the window that appears, we enter the time period and, if desired, for which department, and even for which product category we want to see the report. If these fields are left blank, the report will be obtained for all departments for the entire product for the specified period of time:

Report customization

As a result, we will get the following report on balances:

Balance report

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