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Courses automation

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If you are still in search of the course automation system, and are monitoring dozens of websites for this purpose, then at this point your searches can be officially considered complete! The USU team has developed high-tech software to optimize the work of any institution, and most importantly, to provide the full automation of training courses. The system for course automation is multifunctional software that is capable of bringing the maximum productivity in all organizational work of the training center. Buying such a reliable assistant, you should know that most of the staff can be excluded from routine work as the program of courses automation can do it faster and without mistakes. The employees of your company are sure to see how easy their work with the automation program can become. Thanks to the full automation of the course system, the software does not give the slightest chance to get confused or not understand the actions. The automation of the course system starts with the fact that users are able to transfer all previously stored information in the software without any problems if they choose the "import" action on the first launch. Next, you choose a suitable format and send, for example, all available files from Excel. This way you can fill in the initial nomenclature of the courses themselves. Next, you move on to students and teachers. In this course automation system, everything is arranged in such a way that the teachers, students, and courses themselves are rated. This is very convenient. Thanks to these ratings, the manager is aware of the cost effectiveness of classes, the professionalism of teachers, and the potential for both knowledge and ability students to pay.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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You can introduce a discount club the territory of your training center. Its participants accumulate bonuses, receive discounts, and thus are additionally systematically stimulated to remain your clients and to purchase more courses. It is possible to inform your customers about promotions or other beneficial offers through frequently used notification lists. These include Viber, SMS and e-mail. There is another interesting automation feature that makes this automation software unique - it is a voice call made by the system independently on behalf of the company. This function does not require a pre-record of the information message, because it is executed by the automation program automatically. Automation of courses is very important. A modern educational institution must trust in high technology. And not just trust, but also actively implement them in their work. Then most tasks and actions will be carried out under your careful control, but without direct involvement. If you need a course automation program, it is better to download such software from the official website of the verified organization. Interact with the company called USU. This company provides you with a high-quality software solution. With it, you are able to run your business properly. Our courses automation program is characterized by a high level of optimization. That's why it can be installed on any PC that has minimal operation capacities. Of course, you also need Windows for the courses automation system to function flawlessly. It does not have too high system requirements. Therefore, operation is allowed on any functional PC. Take advantage of our software. It allows you to correctly perform the necessary business operations. This application functions without any mistakes. Moreover, the management of the company is executed in the automation mode. There is no need to call the organization. Just use the services of our program of courses automation. It is well optimized and suits you in any case. The operation is simple and has clear process. You will also be able to compete with any opponent, surpassing them in basic parameters. After all, our application allows you to place the actual stock in warehouses.

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Who is the translator?

Khoilo Roman

Chief programmer who took part in the translation of this software into different languages.

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Our course automation program is so well optimized that it can be used by any operator. It is not even necessary to have a very good computer literacy level. The order you place with program is immediately transferred to the organization that is operating it. You can form any order. It can relate to any field of activity. It can be cargo transportation, technical support, making an appointment to see the teacher of your courses school and so on. This is very important, so install our comprehensive solution. Take advantage of our multifunctional application to accept requests from customers and process them in record time. All the actual information about the placed orders is immediately received by the manager of your school. Take advantage of our product to dominate the market. With this application, we are firmly anchored in our positions on the market. Previously you had to make many moves to achieve good results. Now just use our program – we have thought about every function that you might need! It has almost no limits! The USU-Soft is specialized in creating software solutions that help you optimize your workflow. Designated artificial intelligence works harmoniously in your company and provides the necessary information in record time. Your business will be given due attention if you use our program. It will work instead of a whole department of employees who could sit on the phone and accept applications. It's also convenient for clients to place orders directly without any unnecessary actions. They like to do business quickly and with the latest technology. It is the tool that will come to your rescue. It works in sync with any software. If interested, visit our official website!

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Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

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Courses automation