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Instructions for the program for the pharmacy


Assigning barcodes by the program

If you do not use factory barcodes, or some product simply does not contain them, the program for medicines, for your convenience, will create your own. Just leave the barcode field blank, and as soon as the item is reflected in your nomenclature, you will be able to see the barcode.

Barcode listed

Now you can use the received barcode, both for a quick search for an item, and for reading it even with a scanner! To get such a barcode in the form of sticks we are accustomed to, as well as to stick the data code on the product itself, we just need to print the product label. To do this, in the upper left corner in the "Reports" item, select "Label":

Choosing a label

In the window that appears, we will see a label that, if necessary, can be glued to the product.


Memo with barcodes

You can print a memo with barcodes in about the same easy way. It is needed so that the cashier, without being distracted and without manually hammering in the name of the product, which does not have a barcode, for example, bread, can very quickly read it from the memo and thereby speed up the sale process.
You can print the memo in A4 format, in the section "Directories - Product - Product names" in the upper left corner in the item "Reports" the very first item will be "Records".


Please note that before printing the memo, you will first need to fill in the items in the item list.

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