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Instructions for the program for the store



For the convenience of working with goods, in the program for accounting there is a special function that allows you to group goods according to a specific criterion: for example, by category, but by barcode, by name, etc. You can also group by several parameters. To set the grouping of goods, in the upper window of the nomenclature, select those parameters by which the grouping will pass, then drag them to the line above, where it is written:

Sorting. Field

Let's say we want to group products by category and by product name. This way, we will be able to see all of our products broken down by category and arrange them alphabetically.

Sorting. Result

Selecting Columns for Permanent Display

We can also change the order in which the fields are displayed in our table. To do this, simply move them by holding the mouse to the place of the table from which it will be convenient for us to work. For example, it is very important for me to always see the remainder of the goods in the warehouse. So I want it to be reflected very first in the list on the left.

Column selection

Multiple grouping

But if I want to fix it there, then I need to right-click on the Remains, then select the item "Fix to the left".

Column fixation

Now, no matter how many points I have, I will always see the leftovers first.

See also in the goods:

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