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Accounting in the atelier

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Accounting in the atelier - Program screenshot

Atelier accounting is an integral part of the workflow. Control means accounting of both the customer base and full control over employees and their activities. The better the accounting process is, the more clients and, consequently, the profit the atelier has. A successful entrepreneur knows how to keep track of their atelier. High-quality accounting assumes the automation of business processes, computerization and informatization of the sphere of work, as well as involvement in the accounting process. All this is provided by a smart program with an embedded accounting book which performs operations independently without the intervention of employees. Such a system is not only an assistant, but also an employee who fulfills orders without question and without errors.

In the software from the developers of the USU, which has all of the above characteristics, there is an accounting book in the atelier, containing the information necessary for successful work. Accounting includes control over employees, customers, orders, cash flows, and documentation. All this is located in one place and protected by a reliable security system. The system allows you to keep accounting of the atelier on the Internet, that is, remotely. A member of staff does not need to come to the office to make adjustments or review the needed information. To do this, they just need to enter the application from home or another office and monitor it remotely. They may decide how to work in the software from the USU.

An entrepreneur who pays due attention to accounting in the atelier never suffers from a shortage of customers and profits. If the processes are organized, the atelier runs smoothly. By managing the ledger in the atelier, the manager may consider problems from different angles and solve them as efficiently as possible for the development of the company. Thanks to the function of analyzing financial movements, an entrepreneur can see where resources are spent and where it is better to direct capital. All financial movements carried out by the atelier are visible to the management in the ledger and for convenience are presented in the form of graphs and diagrams. In the software, you may track the dynamics of profits, see expenses and incomes, as well as evaluate them and choose the best development strategy.

With the help of the personnel table, management can monitor the work of the atelier employees, seeing how each employee works individually. The manager can decide how to reward the best and help the underperforming workers move forward. Accounting of employees is very important, because it is what contributes to the introduction of a conscious approach into the team, which ensures the quality of employees" operation. When an employee knows the goals they have in order to achieve results and receive bonuses or higher wages, and also knows how to achieve the desired goals, they try and perform better than usual. If the manager succeeds in achieving this approach, the work of staff becomes less and less problematic.

The book of accounting documents allows you to receive reports from the staff on time and see all contracts concluded with clients. This simplifies the activities of the head of the enterprise, saving their time and energy. Knowing how to keep accounting in the atelier as efficiently as possible of the company, the manager understands what goals and strategies should be followed for the company"s growth.

Below is a short list of the USU features. The list of possibilities may vary depending on the configuration of the developed system.

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  • Video of accounting in the atelier

The platform contains books of the accounting of personnel, orders, materials of sewing and much more necessary for the work of the atelier.

The simple interface is to the taste of absolutely all staff members.

The manager may independently choose the design of the program, changing the color of the windows and the working background.

The software allows you to keep several books of control at once, while working simultaneously with all.

In the application, you can operate on the account of the atelier on the Internet and through a local network.

The system fills in both application forms and contracts with clients.

When starting the program, you can select the language.

Choose language

In the software, you can control the changes taking place in the financial sphere of the atelier; analyze the dynamics of profits, expenses and income.

The system helps to fulfill the main goals of the company within a certain period of time.

Warehouse and financial equipment can be connected to the application, which helps to print documents, make payments and much more.

Absolutely every employee of the atelier can handle the program, because its simple interface is specially simplified for users of personal computers of all levels.

The platform can be used by ateliers, repair shops, field service departments and many others.

The system tells you how to keep competent personnel accounting and introduce a conscious approach to work.

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Accounting in the atelier

Thanks to the control book, the manager is able to analyze the activities of staff members of all branches located in a city, country or world.

The application from the USU answers the questions of employees and advises them in particularly incomprehensible moments.

The platform allows you to send clients both e-mail and SMS messages, and now the employee does not need to spend time sending a letter to each customer separately, because the system has a mass mailing function.

With the help of the warehouse register, the manager is able to control the availability of certain materials necessary to sew products.

When installing the platform, our programmers can connect both a printer and a POS terminal to the software from the USU, which facilitates the work of employees.