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Rating: 4.9. Number of organizations: 897
Countries: All
Operating system: Windows, Android, macOS
Group of programs: USU software
Purpose: Business automation

accounting for absence from work

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Incorrect accounting for the absence of any actions at work and the untimeliness, the path is not to prosperity, but a decrease in the status and efficiency of the enterprise. To keep records correctly, in the absence of errors and low results, an individual approach and a specialized program are required that can solve issues and optimize working hours without any errors and difficulties. There is a large selection of various applications on the market, but the USU Software system is an indispensable assistant at an affordable price and a free subscription fee, with differentiation of user rights that differ from others in the functionality and position held. Modules and languages are selected individually for each organization, at the request and convenience of everyone. Employees independently select tools, taking into account the work at the enterprise. In a multi-channel management accounting mode, employees are able to access the application by logging into the account under a personal login, entering data into the logs to the accounting and activities of each employee's work, recording readings entry and exit, absence, and lunch breaks. All actions are displayed in the application, capturing every user action, providing guidance with accurate data. In multi-user mode, specialists can exchange data, interact with each other, transmitting data and messages, both over the local network and over the Internet. The management can analyze and keep records of each subordinate, seeing data in real-time from their device, which shows actions by employees, by work and their absence, forming tables and logs with accurate readings. In the absence of information on the operations performed a long time, the accounting system automatically generates a report, inform the person in charge to resolve this issue, taking into account the latest actions and the amount of work performed, with no errors and violations.

Employees can simultaneously perform their job duties, taking into account the presence of an individual record, through which the system reads information and calculate the actually worked time, taking into account work schedules, to calculate the monthly wages. It is possible to see all operations for each employee in remote mode, having a main computer on which all information is displayed in the form of separate windows, which are marked with different colors and data that are delegated depending on work activity. In the absence of data on employees, the system issues information, providing detailed and up-to-date information, which also allows entering a separate window of the selected employee, seeing all information on activities, on the duration of the tasks, work, absence, etc.

Analyze the operation of the software and test all the possibilities, available through the demo version, which is available free of charge. You can consult on all issues with our specialists, who be happy to advise on the indicated numbers.

Accounting for the absence of work and control over work activities and time is carried out automatically, helping in the implementation of the set operations, automating all processes, being responsible for each task, with a reduction in work and efforts of specialists.

Data transfer is carried out not without the absence of additional applications or built-in devices with the main computer, reflecting accurate materials for analyzing the effectiveness of the work performed, with the absence of various kinds of errors and visits to various sites and gaming platforms.

The automation of production activities will be reduced by labor operations and enterprise resources.

The manager, unlike his subordinates, has unlimited opportunities, which are subdivided for each according to the degree of official accounting, providing high-quality protection of information readings. Remote accounting of a unified information system through the absence of additional work provides the necessary documents and information that are stored in an electronic version on a remote server. In the absence of a contextual search engine, an irreplaceable assistant, you optimize the working time of specialists. Data can be entered manually or automatically by importing materials from various sources. When accounting for working time, detailed information on work, on the status and absence of users at workplaces, be recorded, comparing and calculating a single number of hours worked for subsequent remuneration.

In remote mode, data be transmitted over the network, synchronizing the user's working devices in the application, in the absence of problems with the Internet, displaying on the main screen of the reader all the windows from the work panels of employees.

The classification of all materials into one category or another allows effectively and competently keeping records of data, without limiting in quantitative indicators and formats, tables, and documents.

Information and messages are sent in real-time over the local or over the Internet, without any problems. Multi-user accounting and management channels provide all employees with one-time access to the accounting system under individual rights and capabilities, access code. The employee is able to perform the tasks assigned to them, which are entered for a common vision in the planner of goals and tasks. In case of prolonged absence and non-manifestation of active actions and tasks, the automated program works with reporting with pop-up messages, changing the indicator colors. By keeping track of the latest work, it is possible to analyze the performance and potential of each employee.

The interface of the accounting application is customized by each user independently, choosing the necessary modules, a splash screen, and a sample for generating documents. Modules are individually selected for each organization, with the possibility of developing an individual logo. Accounting and monitoring work absence when using our utility help improve quality and performance. A backup copy of all information is automatically saved on the server, ensuring long-term storage unchanged. The design of documents and reports is carried out in an automatic format, with no restrictions. The work is performed with almost all Microsoft Office formats.

The lack of connection of various high-tech devices does not have a productive effect on business development, thus our program provides synchronization and accounting of devices and applications.