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  5. Program Instruction for Microfinance Organization. Working with clients. New customer registration

Step by step instructions

Work with clients

New customer registration

In the program for accounting loans, the list of clients is located in the block "Modules" - "Organization" - "Clients" . In this module, you can register a new or find an old client. Adding is done using the "Add" command in the context menu, invoked by right-clicking.

  • "Category" - Name of the customer category to group;
  • "Name" - Client name;
  • "Date of birth" - client's date of birth;
  • "Mobile" - contact for communication (mobile phone);
  • "Landline" - other contacts for communication (phone numbers);
  • "Email" - contacts for communication (e-mail);
  • "Document" - document for registration (identity card or other document);
  • "Address" - client's residence address;
  • "Identifier" - client Identifier;
  • "Consent to the newsletter" - consent to the newsletter.

See also in the program settings