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Instructions for the program for the store


Financial reports

There are 15 different cash flow statements in app. We will briefly deal with each of them, we will show the most interesting ones.

  • Bonuses - calculates how many bonuses have been accumulated by users and how much they spent;
  • Dynamics - shows the dynamics of sales in a certain store by days in a specified period;
  • Debts - indicates who owes us:

  • Salary - calculates an employee's salary based on the rates set;
  • Customers shows those whom you counted by name and shows how much money and where they spent with you during this period:

    Customer report
  • Stores indicates the final revenue for each store in a pie chart;
  • Marketing will show how effective customer acquisition tools are. To do this, you must indicate how the client learned about you;
  • Payments shows all transfers of funds;
  • Profit - see above;
  • Sellers - dynamics of sales by sellers;
  • Price segments - Shows products of which price categories are in greatest demand:

  • Discounts - shows what discounts were used and how much it cost you;
  • Average check - based on the number of sales and the price of the product;
  • Articles shows the dynamics of income / expense by financial items. Convenient to use, for example, at the end of the year;
  • Legal entity created for a network of companies to see the dynamics for each of them.

See also reporting:

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