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Instructions for the program for the store


Product reports

The second most important reports are reports on goods and warehouse. The basic version of the program, warehouse and goods contains 10 reports.

For now, let's take a quick look at all 10 product reports:

  • Returns - shows the number of items returned, and, if possible, the reasons for the return;
  • Ending - shows which goods in the warehouse are approaching the minimum balance;
  • Absent - shows what products you didn't have when customers wanted to buy them. Formed from work in the seller's window;
  • Stale goods - will show which products have not been sold even once during the specified period of time;
  • Remaining goods - shows the dynamics of movement of goods to and from the warehouse for a specified period of time;
  • Remaining goods + money - in addition to the balances themselves, displays the amount, at choice - receipt or release of those goods that are currently in the warehouse:

    Balance amount
  • Popularity - based on the name it is clear: it shows which product is in great demand;
  • Forecast - analyzes how many goods you have sold in a selected period of time and, based on this, makes a forecast of how many days the stock that is currently in stock will last:

  • Sales - shows the dynamics of sales by category;
  • Rating - a pie chart will visually show the demand for the product.

Having studied all these reports for the reporting period, you can make the most informed decision and plan subsequent work to get even more profit!

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