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Accounting for orders and delivery

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Accounting for orders and delivery - Program screenshot

The program "Universal Accounting System" is designed specifically for the successful business of logistics, transport, courier and even trading companies: carefully thought-out software allows you to automate work processes, improve the organization of work, control the execution of orders, track each stage of delivery, analyze the quality of services provided and maintain detailed accounting of each incoming and completed order. The software we offer provides a wide range of tools for systematizing all areas of business, from maintaining and updating the database to developing financial plans for the future; but the main task that this system solves is the accounting of orders and deliveries. Delivery of goods requires a careful process of coordination and real-time tracking in order to quickly change routes and take all the necessary measures to fulfill orders in accordance with planned dates. Thus, the accounting system contributes to the improvement of the quality of services, high conversion of customer requests, expansion and development of the business and, of course, the receipt of consistently high income.

USU software differs from similar systems in ease and speed of work in it, visual structure and interface. The accounting program is divided into three main blocks, each of which performs its own task and is interconnected with others. The "References" section is a data library that is constantly updated and supplemented by users. It stores information about financial items and bank accounts, contacts of employees and customers, data of branches, the range of services and costs, flight schedules and route descriptions. The "Modules" section is the main one and is a workspace for registering new orders for delivery and monitoring orders in progress. Each order contains information about the sender and the recipient, the subject of delivery, dimensions, costs, contractor, calculation of costs and prices. At the same time, the program performs the function of auto-filling the receipt and delivery slip, as well as printing any accompanying documents, which simplifies the work and makes it much more efficient. Also, any information about orders can be both imported and exported from the system in MS Excel and MS Word file formats. By scheduling future shipments, it will be easier for coordinators to control cargo delivery processes. Thus, the "Modules" block is a single full-fledged work resource for all departments. The "Reports" section provides ample opportunities for financial and management accounting through the function of generating various reports for any given period. The company's management will be able at any time to upload analytical information about the dynamics and structure of income, the rate of profit growth, and the company's profitability. Any financial information can be visualized in the form of graphs and diagrams.

A delivery order accounting system is necessary for the courier service to track the quality of order execution, perform each stage of transportation, check the reasonableness of all costs incurred, control the compliance of actual income indicators with planned ones, etc. Purchase the Universal Accounting System software for effective and efficient work!

The courier service software allows you to easily cope with a wide range of tasks and process a lot of information on orders.

Accounting for delivery using the USU program will allow you to quickly track the fulfillment of orders and optimally build a courier route.

The delivery program allows you to keep track of the fulfillment of orders, as well as track the overall financial indicators for the whole company.

With the operational accounting for orders and general accounting in the delivery company, the delivery program will help.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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Automation of a courier service, including for small businesses, can bring considerable profits by optimizing delivery processes and reducing costs.

The program for the delivery of goods allows you to quickly monitor the execution of orders both within the courier service and in logistics between cities.

The courier program will allow you to optimize delivery routes and save travel time, thereby increasing profits.

Keep track of the delivery of goods using a professional solution from the USU, which has wide functionality and reporting.

Competently executed delivery automation allows you to optimize the work of couriers, saving resources and money.

If a company requires accounting for delivery services, then the best solution may be software from the USU, which has advanced functionality and broad reporting.

Full accounting of the courier service without problems and hassle will be provided by software from the USU company with great functionality and many additional features.

Full maintenance of the client base with the indication of contacts, meetings and events, sending notifications about discounts and other events.

Sending to customers individual notifications about the status and fulfillment of the order, as well as reminders of the need to pay.

Debt management and regulation, timely receipt of funds from clients, prevention of a financial deficit situation.

Analysis of the purchasing power of customers by generating a report on the average bill, as well as taking into account the financial performance of each working day.

The system has marketing tools for the sales funnel for comparing the indicators of the number of delivery offers made, customers who have contacted, and actually completed shipments.

Particular attention is paid to taking into account the most important financial indicators of business payback, assessing the dynamics of profit and its potential values, analyzing profitability and development prospects.

It is convenient to conduct the interconnected work of all departments in a single working platform with one working procedure and organization of processes.

Order an accounting for orders and delivery

To buy the program, just call or write to us. Our specialists will agree with you on the appropriate software configuration, prepare a contract and an invoice for payment.

How to buy the program?

Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Also you can order custom software development

If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Accounting for orders and delivery

Orders go through the electronic approval procedure, which significantly speeds up the transportation.

Payroll accounting is carried out by automating the calculations of piecework and percentage wages, which helps to eliminate cases of errors.

Ample opportunities for effective financial forecasting, taking into account the statistics of past periods and the formation of business plans.

Delivery routes can be changed during transportation if necessary.

Personnel performance audit by taking into account the use of working time and the speed of accomplishment of assigned tasks.

The system allows you to attach any attachments and send them by email.

Various configurations of the program are possible to meet all the requirements and internal processes of the organization due to the flexibility of settings.

Accounting for the received proceeds in the context of income items makes it possible to identify the most promising areas of development.