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Accounting for the dispatcher

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Successful management of cargo transportation directly depends on the efficiency of dispatching work, timely and prompt updating of the information used and a clear organization of transportation coordination. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use the technologies of the corresponding software. The accounting program for freight dispatchers, developed by the specialists of the USU-Soft, provides a complete set of tools for monitoring supplies and the technical condition of transport, and also allows you to systematize all operational and production processes of a logistics company. The USU-Soft accounting program for dispatchers has all the capabilities to make your work as efficient and convenient as possible because it has a lot of useful functions: automation of workflow, settlements and operations, free services of internal and external communications, an intuitive interface and a simple structure. At the same time, the computer accounting system created by us is really distinguished by its versatility. In it you can manage supplies and warehouse stocks, plan transportation and draw up a production schedule of vehicles, regulate the consumption of fuel and energy resources, work on promoting services on the market and actively attracting customers, conduct personnel audit and much more. Our dispatching accounting software of cargo transportation has flexible settings, so that the accounting software configuration will take into account the peculiarities and requirements of each company.

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Working in the USU-Soft dispatchers’ accounting program, dispatchers monitor the progress of each stage of cargo transportation, mark the stages passed, compare the actual and planned mileage for the day, calculate the remaining mileage and predict the estimated time of arrival at the destination. To ensure that every shipment is delivered on time, your employees are able to change transportation routes in real time, consolidate shipments, and work on route optimization. And this is only a part of the possibilities offered by our dispatchers’ program of accounting control. The transportation dispatcher will enter data on the costs incurred during delivery in order to control the receipt of documents from the drivers confirming the costs. Thanks to this, you can check the justification of the costs at any time. In addition, dispatchers have access to control the technical condition of the vehicles used and maintain a detailed database of the entire fleet of vehicles.

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The laconic structure of the dispatchers’ program of accounting control has three main sections, each of which performs specific functions. The "Directories" section is a universal database that is formed by users. The catalogs, which can be updated if necessary, contain various categories of information: types of logistics services, designed routes and flights, the nomenclature of goods and materials, branches and warehouses, items for making accounting of expenses and income, cash desks and bank accounts. The "Modules" section is necessary in organizing various areas of work. In it, employees register transportation orders, calculate the costs necessary for its implementation and determine the price of transportation services, develop the most suitable route and designate the appropriate flight. The dispatcher’s control of transportation, the tracking of the movement of funds, maintaining warehouse records, and developing marketing strategies are also carried out here. Your employees use tools such as the sales funnel and the analysis of the effectiveness of the means of promotion that our dispatchers; program of quality accounting provides for the cargo dispatcher. Telephony and e-mail services are also available for free. The "Reports" section allows you to download financial and management reports in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis of indicators of profit, profitability, revenue and costs.

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Accounting for the dispatcher

The dynamics and structural changes of financial results will be presented in visual tables, graphs and diagrams, while generating reports in the dispatchers’ program of accounting control will take minimal time. Thus, the software has all the characteristics and wide possibilities of optimization of processes that an effective dispatchers’ accounting program should have. You can download a free demo version of the software on this page after the product description. Transportation management will become more efficient due to the formation of a schedule of the nearest deliveries in the context of customers and the advance preparation of transport for fulfilling orders. Your company's specialists will enter information about license plates, brands and other characteristics of vehicles, their owners and related documents. The transport dispatch control system notifies the responsible employees of the need of conducting maintenance of a particular vehicle. After the delivery of goods and cargo, all advanced payments received from customers are recorded in the order database in order to timely regulate arising questions. In addition, thanks to the information transparency of the accounting system, you will have access to monitoring cash flows and financial performance, while the financial data of all branches will be consolidated in a single resource.

Regulation of the volumes of consumption of fuels and lubricants is carried out through registration and issuance of fuel cards to drivers, for which the limits of fuel consumption are determined. Also, dispatchers form waybills, which describe the route and a list of costs. The electronic order approval system notifies users of the arrival of new tasks and allows you to make comments and check how much time was spent on their completion. In the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, client managers are able to use such free tools as a sales funnel, conversion and registration of reasons for getting refusals from orders. In a visual order database, each delivery has its own specific status and color, which greatly simplifies dispatching work, tracking the delivery stage and informing customers. Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns used allows you to determine the means of promotion that are most suitable for actively attracting new customers. Thanks to the analysis of purchasing power, you can create competitive price offers, create price lists and catalogs of services and send them by e-mail.

The analytical functionality of the accounting program helps to monitor the current financial condition of the company and determine the most profitable areas for further business development. Evaluation of the feasibility of costs reveals unreasonable expenses, optimizes costs and increases the profitability of activities. The necessary dispatch documentation will be promptly generated and printed on a standard form.