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Accounting for clients in CRM

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If you want to get acquainted with the program, the fastest way is to first watch the full video, and then download the free demo version and work with it yourself. If necessary, request a presentation from technical support or read the instructions.

Accounting for clients in CRM - Program screenshot

For automation and accuracy, each user service and provisioning enterprise maintains customer records in the CRM system, because the old ways of managing and documenting data are no longer relevant. A computerized CRM program for customer accounting provides users with complete data that can be supplemented or changed at any time, to any extent. It's no secret that free CRM for customer accounting can only be in test form. If you want to save money, you can pay attention to the cost of the utility and other expenses. For example, our automated CRM program for customer accounting has a low cost and completely does not provide for a subscription fee, i.e. free, like other expenses. Due to the multifunctionality and the presence of a large selection of modules, the work of the enterprise will become not only easier, but faster, better and more efficient.

The convenient and beautiful interface of the CRM program for accounting customers in CRM also has versatility, operational business management, document management, full control over production processes, employee activities, the quality of customer processing, as well as their growth and an increase in the profit of the enterprise, for one or another period time. All transactions will be visible in the system, because they are automatically stored in a single database. It is possible to quickly obtain various information by using a contextual search engine that optimizes the working time of employees, as well as reliably and long-term saving all materials and documents, and completely free of charge. The use of templates and sample documents also provides efficiency, and automatic data entry and import provides accurate and high-quality information. Materials can be used in any format and from any kind of sources.

In CRM tables for customer accounting, you can enter different information, supplementing with attached pictures, documents, scans and invoices. Also, for greater convenience, cells can be highlighted and marked with different colors in a free form. For selected clients, mass or personal messages can be sent via SMS, MMS or e-mail. Also, you can track the status of processing applications and accepting payments, excluding debts, charging late fees or providing a discount.

The multitasking of the client accounting program in the CRM system can be described for a very long time, but it is much more productive to install a demo version and test the utility on your own business, and it’s completely free. Also, you can get answers to the remaining questions from our consultants.

The utility for accounting for clients in the CRM system provides full automation and optimization of working hours.

The accuracy and quality of input, speed, is ensured by automatic data entry or import from various sources.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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This video can be viewed with subtitles in your own language.

Support for various document formats.

Multi-user mode, provides a single access for all employees.

Mutual exchange and materials and documents support for users on the local network or via the Internet.

In a single program, an unlimited number of branches and branches can be fixed.

For clients, various information can be entered, ranging from details to attached images, payments, documents, etc.

Marking certain data and cells with different colors for greater convenience.

When starting the program, you can select the language.

Who is the translator?

Khoilo Roman

Chief programmer who took part in the translation of this software into different languages.

Choose language

You can store an unlimited amount of data, given the capabilities of the operating system.

Receive materials, available quickly and without straining, through the use of a contextual search engine.

The backup copy is automatically saved on a remote server, you just need to enter the dates for its implementation.

Mass or personal mailing of messages to the client is carried out via SMS, MMS or e-mail.

Acceptance of payments, in any form, in cash and non-cash, with free acceptance of commission.

All types of foreign currency are accepted, subject to the use of a converter.

Order an accounting for clients in CRM

To buy the program, just call or write to us. Our specialists will agree with you on the appropriate software configuration, prepare a contract and an invoice for payment.

How to buy the program?

Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Also you can order custom software development

If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Accounting for clients in CRM

Accounting for working hours, fixes the exact amount of time worked, on the basis of which wages are made.

Accounting, control, analysis, is carried out on the basis of integration with video cameras, with additional tools and applications, with warehouse devices.

Low cost, with nice bonuses, in the form of a free monthly fee.

You can additionally develop modules, personally for your business.

Accounting in magazines and tables is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Formation of reports, taking into account which, you can see the profitability of the organization, is completely free.