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Accounting for the couriers

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Accounting for the couriers - Program screenshot

In the management activities of courier services, the control and accounting processes are of great importance, since they are carried out in relation to field workers - couriers. The results and quality of the services provided depend on the efficiency of the couriers. Lack of proper control affects the level of efficiency and delivery speed, which is reflected in negative feedback from customers. In addition to control, it is necessary not to forget about accounting for the work of field employees. Accounting for couriers is characterized by the maintenance of accounting data on the schedule of work, working hours, the number of orders, etc. Timely actions for the registration of couriers allow you to avoid problem situations with payment or delivery, allowing you to monitor the performance of each courier. The final action of the courier's work is delivery, namely the transfer of goods or materials to the client, whose feedback significantly affects the reputation of the courier service. In such cases, it is advisable to keep records of customers, and provide couriers with the means to receive feedback.

Positive feedback and customer statistics can have a significant impact on an increase in the number of customers, which will positively affect the level of profit and profitability of the company. Keeping records of couriers is complicated by the on-site nature of their activities. The accounting of customers can cause many problems due to the large flow of orders. Currently, the market of new technologies and accounting programs offers all possible solutions to optimize the activities of companies. Automation systems aimed at optimizing work processes make it possible to minimize the use of human labor. Automated accounting has many advantages, including constant control of accounting operations, which means guaranteed accuracy and minimal probability of making mistakes. Automated accounting of couriers will allow you to automatically conduct all processes, make settlements, calculate wages, etc. In relation to customer accounting, the system can automatically transfer orders’ data to the database, accompanying all the necessary data. This data can subsequently be used in marketing services in order to control and improve the quality of the services provided.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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A variety of accounting programs allows you to choose the most suitable for your company, taking into account all the needs and wishes. It should be noted that the automation program must fully satisfy all needs and have all the necessary functions to optimize the company's activities. The USU-Soft application is the automation software that optimizes the work processes of any company, regardless of the type and industry of activity. The USU-Soft is widely used among transport companies and courier services. The peculiarity of the accounting program lies in the fact that its development is carried out taking into account the structure of the company, its needs and preferences. The development and implementation of the USU Software is carried out in a short time and does not require you to stop your work and does not entail additional costs and investments.

The USU-Soft optimizes tasks such as accounting and management, and also makes it possible to maintain uninterrupted control over activities even remotely. As for the accounting of couriers, the USU-Soft program allows you to automatically perform such tasks as maintaining accounting activities according to the work schedule and time of couriers, managing couriers, recording the time and speed of delivery carried out by each courier, etc. As for the accounting of customers, each order can be automatically transferred to a database where information of each customer will be stored. Thus, you have all the necessary information for marketing research and getting feedback from clients.

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Who is the translator?

Khoilo Roman

Chief programmer who took part in the translation of this software into different languages.

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The USU-Soft is the best investment in the future of your company! It has a selectively designed interface with a wide range of options. You can establish control over the activities of the company and employees, including field workers. It has a built-in timer, so you always know the amount of time spent on the delivery. With the system you can introduce modernization of dispatchers' work and perform a better accounting of orders, customers and equipment. The data on clients can help you to make marketing researches.

Automatic calculations, vehicle monitoring and tracking, automatic selection of the route for the courier are only a few features of the application.

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Installation and training are done via the Internet
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If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Accounting for the couriers

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the free demo version before actually paying for the program. It can be downloaded from our website. If you still have questions, you can always ask the representatives of our company to show you a presentation to clearly see which functions the system has and how they facilitate the development of your organization. The USU-Soft application is famous for its simple and intuitive interface, thanks to which the automated information complex becomes extremely simple and easy to learn. The management will become more reliable, and will affect both individual services and departments, as well as branches, terminals, warehouses, which are remote from the central office. The fact is that the software unites all participants in the company's activities into a single information network. With the help of the function of schedule making, the director be able to from the budget and visually assess the future development. Logisticians will be able to plan shifts and working schedules. Any specialist of the enterprise can turn to the system in order to rationally distribute his or her working time.