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Program for transport logistic

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If you want to get acquainted with the program, the fastest way is to first watch the full video, and then download the free demo version and work with it yourself. If necessary, request a presentation from technical support or read the instructions.

Program for transport logistic - Program screenshot

Is a free application for logistics a reality or is it impossible to get something really worthwhile for free? We will try to answer this question in this article. The short answer is yes — it is real. But the question is, how effective is this kind of program, and is it any good at all? The software development team of the USU Software gives an unambiguous answer — only demo versions of the good programs can be free. Full versions of such programs are always a paid product and the USU Software is no exception to that.

The demo version of the USU Software includes all the basic functionality that any business might need. However, the demo version has a limited trial period and thus is not suitable for long-term transport logistics automation. The purpose of distribution is for informational purposes only. Our program can be downloaded for free and you can familiarize yourself with its functionality in the course of two full weeks of the trial period. You can find the demo version on our official website. In order to purchase the full version, contact the technical support team using requisites that can also be found on the website. All detailed information about the capabilities of the application is found there as well.

It is not reasonable to use free programs for transport logistics. Programs like this can’t ensure the full implementation of automation for all tasks that stand before the enterprise that needs the most precise management any transport and logistic company needs. For example, if you purchase an application from developers of the USU Software, you get an excellent opportunity to track the work of the company as a whole, and for each employee individually. The program is equipped with functionality for tracking employees' working hours. Each task performed by the employee is recorded. As well as the time spent on it and the quality of the work provided.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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If you need a program for transport logistics, it is unreasonable to just try to download it for free, but your business does not have huge budgets yet, we can offer you our solution for automating transport logistics, for a low price, yet with a huge variety of useful functions. For example, with the help of the USU Software, you will be able to track all deliveries in real-time. But the functionality of the program for transport logistic management does not just stop there.

The utility database contains comprehensive information regarding transport logistics. You will be able to quickly access the information that is stored in the program’s database. For example information about the recipient and the sender of the parcel, characteristics of the product, its size, weight, and so on. In addition, you can request the value of the cargo, the location of the delivery on the map, and the date of dispatch.

The transport logistics management program, which can be downloaded for free as a demo version, has a number of advantages over completely free applications. The program that you download for free will not be able to provide such coverage in terms of functions that the USU Software is capable of. Furthermore, in terms of the ratio of different parameters such as price-quality, even among non-free applications, our utility still stands out. The new generation of transport logistics accounting program from the USU Software team will perfectly fit into the structure of cargo transportation companies and any other logistic agencies.

When starting the program, you can select the language.

Who is the translator?

Khoilo Roman

Chief programmer who took part in the translation of this software into different languages.

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Free transport logistics applications will not be able to track multimodal shipments with sufficient efficiency. And the USU Software will perfectly handle the task of tracking the transport route of cargo, types of delivery, and is able to sort them by used transport. When it comes to our program, it does not matter what kind of transport the company uses when moving goods. Whether it's air transport, railway, trucks, ships, or multimodal transportation — our program will be efficient and quick in completing all of its tasks. Other features of the program that will help with transport logistics at any enterprise include such advantages as the ability to categorize transport and deliveries by type, depending on the size of the cargo and amount of goods at the transport.

If the organization does not have many overseas branches, and the volume of transported goods is not too large, it is necessary to purchase a version for a small company, while there is also an option for logistic enterprises that have branches in different countries. A utility program for transport logistics that you can download for free only in the form of a demo version will work for a limited amount of time.

Free logistics programs offer only a limited time of usage. Buying a licensed version of the application for a very price, you get a perfectly optimized program for managing the office work in the field of transportation of goods and passengers. The USU Software is so versatile that it is suitable for the automation of any logistics company.

Order a program for transport logistic

To buy the program, just call or write to us. Our specialists will agree with you on the appropriate software configuration, prepare a contract and an invoice for payment.

How to buy the program?

Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Also you can order custom software development

If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Program for transport logistic

When you first run the utility, you will need to register and authorize it in the system. After logging in the user is offered a choice of numerous preset designs, that will help them to personalize their workplace. After choosing design and personalization themes, the operator proceeds to the choice of functionality and interface settings. All changes are being saved in a personal account and during subsequent authorizations, there is no need to configure everything again later. For each individual user, their own personal account is created, with its personal settings.

Free programs are not adapted to huge amounts of work, so it is better and more profitable to immediately purchase a paid, efficiently working program that will help you complete all the tasks assigned to you. In the USU Software, all functions are arranged in order, the information is saved in the appropriate folders, in which it is easy to find the block of information of interest. Free programs for logistics will not be able to help you carry out a mass mailing of the selected target audience, but our program can easily handle this task. It is enough just to make a targeted selection of contacts and record a message. The application will perform further actions in an automated manner, which will reduce a lot of expenses.

The implementation and use of our program allow you to reduce the number of employees that are required for your enterprise dramatically. You can download and start using the transport logistics program right now, without postponing the optimization of the office work. By paying a very small amount of money to purchase the USU Software, you save huge amounts of money on maintaining an overly bloated staff of workers.

Our program for transport logistics, which you can download for free on USU Software’s website in a form of a demo version, has a modular device scheme, which makes it easier for operators to work with it. You can download and use the program quickly and without any complications. To purchase a licensed version of the application, please contact the specialists of our company. All contacts are listed on the official website of our company.