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Accounting for credit brokers

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Credit organizations provide various services related to collateral transactions. They work on direct and intermediary services. With the help of modern software, you can set up any business activity. Credit brokers are accounted for according to certain rules, which are specified in the regulations of state bodies, as well as in the company's internal documentation.

USU Software helps to keep records of clients of credit brokers and perform accounting continuously in chronological order. No operation will be missed. All customer indicators are recorded in a single consolidated statement. Thus, a common base is being formed. Credit brokers play an important role in the interaction between the borrower and the firm. They help to carry out operations in the absence of free time or lack of knowledge in the industry.

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Akulov Nikolay

Chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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By accounting operations, you can track the workload of each department and employee. Responsible persons are identified thanks to the logbook. For the leadership of the organization, it is necessary to receive accurate and reliable information before forming a promotion and development policy. Compliance with the principles of the internal instructions gives such a guarantee.

A credit broker is a special person who is able to independently make decisions on behalf of the client. First, an agreement is formed, which specifies general issues of interaction with third parties. Due to the development of information technology, the company can optimize its work in many ways. Reducing time costs and increasing the availability of production facilities help to increase production. The creation of good working conditions for staff affects their interest in the flow of customers.

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USU Software was created for conducting business activities in various sectors of the economy and ensure its accounting. Its structure contains a variety of reference books and classifiers that you can define for yourself. The advanced parameters help to set the assessment and implementation according to the articles of incorporation. High performance guarantees fast wire formation. Each report provides advanced analytics for the totals for clients, brokers, fixed assets, and more.

The account of credit brokers in a specialized program contributes to complete control over all production processes. So, you can track the workload of personnel and the level of production. At the end of the shift, the total is summarized, and the data is transferred to the summary sheet. Spreadsheets are made up of many rows and columns that are populated with the data provided. With built-in templates, you can automatically create a contract and other additional accounting forms.

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If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Accounting for credit brokers

USU Software is a good assistant to the manager. It is able to promptly provide reports on all sections, generate accounting and tax reports, track the actions of employees, determine the level of payments and repayment of debts, monitor supply and demand, and also help in optimizing business performance.

In the age of Big Data, there is a huge dataflow, which should be properly analysed and considered during processes that credit broker does. Therefore, it is important to organize the work of credit companies according to the needs of the clients, attracting them and increasing their loyalty level. The only one solution is a modern software – automation computer system, which is able to optimize the activity of the whole credit enterprise, allowing brokers to perform without a single mistake. To ensure it, a high-quality accounting program configuration is needed, which will facilitate every process, increasing the efficiency of the company. USU Software provides such possibilities to support the activity of credit brokers. One of such facilities is a formation of documentation and accounting, including forms and contracts, remotely, online, with the help of an Internet connection.

In every business, the most important thing is accounting, especially in credit companies, as its activity is directly related to financial transactions and even a minor error can cause a huge loss of money. Therefore, the accounting and reporting system should be at a high level, providing error-free reports, which should be used for forecasting and planning of the future development direction for credit brokers. With the help of the accounting system for credit brokers, this will not be an issue as all these processes are performed in the computer program, without human intervention.

There are many other advantages of the program such as entry by login and password, convenient interface, nice menu, changes at any time, electronic database, unlimited creation of item groups, identification of late payments, synthetic and analytical accounting, salary and personnel management, calculation of interest rates, creation of plans and schedules, cash discipline, loading and unloading a bank statement, accounting certificates, forms of strict reporting, waybills, mass mailing by SMS or email, receiving applications via the Internet, special reports, books, and magazines, analysis of income and expenses, determination of supply and demand, tracking staff performance, accounts receivable and payable, use in any economic sector, service level assessment, feedback, built-in assistant, invoices, versatility, process automation, advanced analytics, increased productivity of production facilities, unified customer base, video surveillance service, determination of financial condition and financial position, reconciliation statements with partners, built-in loan calculator, production calendar, costing calculation, Viber communication, creating a backup copy, transferring the database from another program, the hierarchy of departments, and interaction of services and departments.