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Group of programs: USU Software
Purpose: Business automation

Accounting automation of the sewing production

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Accounting automation of the sewing production - Program screenshot

Automation of sewing production accounting greatly simplifies the life of business owners and ateliers and allows them to keep up with the times. The USU is undoubtedly the leader among automation programs and deserves attention. Our utility is designed so that absolutely any user can intuitively figure it out without going deep into the basics of sewing automation. And its main advantage lies in the fact that now the mechanization and automation of sewing production is carried out at a higher, qualitative level. We understand that, first of all, specialized software should attract the user with ease of management and accessibility in understanding, should not take a lot of time to learn the basics of working in the program, have a variety of functions, but at the same time be simple. Automation of sewing production accounting in 1C is now a common phenomenon. But does your company really need this complex program which requires a lot of settings, continuous support from specialists and mandatory training of all employees? Obviously, all of the above requires costs on an ongoing basis, while the purchase of our accounting system does not imply any subscription fee throughout the entire period of operation, and anyone can use it - from a seller to an accountant. There is no need to overcome difficulties, it is enough to make a choice in favor of a universal system which allows you to optimize production processes without serious financial and resource costs.

The sewing production is always based on multistage. Therefore, its automation primarily pursues the goal of total control over all its stages. This allows you to see the real picture and, on the basis of it, make any adjustments to your business. At the same time, accounting may be carried out both within one enterprise and through the network of branches, using simple data synchronization over the Internet. In the sewing business, this is especially true, since all stages of work, as a rule, are distributed among different employees. If they all work in the automation system, this ensures continuity, eliminate any errors, and also ensure the transparency of all actions.

Our app of the management of mechanization and automation of sewing production accounting simultaneously becomes a base of customers and suppliers, it helps to keep accounting of materials and accessories and calculate the required level of stocks, monitor the activities of workers, distribute orders among them, evaluate labor efficiency. On its basis, you are able to connect and use additional trading equipment, automate the cashier's workplace, keep financial accounting of receipts and costs, work with debtors.

To assess the productivity of mechanization of your sewing enterprise, the function of working with reports is useful: they may be carried out on the basis of any indicators, and all information is presented for you visually: tables, graphs, diagrams.

At the same time, the accounting of the sewing production automation program is also a powerful tool for working on customer service: an electronic customer base, automatic printing of document forms, notification of the readiness of an order or the stages of its implementation, promotions and offers, discounts and personalization of price lists.

Our utility does not just work, but takes into account the characteristics of each enterprise, adapts, in particular, to the sewing business, proving its effectiveness from the very first days.

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  • Video of accounting automation of the sewing production

Below is a short list of the USU features. The list of possibilities may vary depending on the configuration of the developed software.

Easy installation of the program, quick start, undemandingness to the system data of the computer;

The time to adapt to work on automation is minimal; you can understand the software and set up the automation process in just one day;

Unlike many other types of applications, USU does not require constant material investments; you pay only for the purchase of a program with a full range of options;

Automation and mechanization of sewing processes allows you to monitor production;

Automation helps you establish electronic document flow;

When starting the program, you can select the language.

Choose language

Using the application, you may carry out inventory and monitoring of warehouse movements;

Analysis of the production of finished garments improves the activities of employees; distribute their working time more competently;

The functionality of the personnel is clearly divided into areas of responsibility;

Each employee can have different access rights depending on the position and authority;

The modules record the execution time of tasks by each employee separately;

The staffing table is formed, based on the entered data, hourly or piecework wages are calculated;

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Accounting automation of the sewing production

The work of production branches is synchronized; the mechanisms of interaction between personnel are debugged;

The automation of sewing production accounting application is able to easily process a large amount of information and perform many tasks;

It is very easy to set up an electronic to-do planner, as well as a notification and reminder system;

Reports may be generated automatically by simply setting the desired schedule and their criteria;

The application provides reliable storage and timely copying of all important information;

All branches and subdivisions of the sewing enterprise are systematized into a single complex, while their functionality is clearly delineated;

Analysis of data on the automation of production accounting is carried out on an ongoing basis, each report can be generated at any time and in the context of any indicators based on the results.