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Accounting bill of fuels and lubricants

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Accounting bill of fuels and lubricants - Program screenshot

Transport companies need various tools for accounting for fuel, fuels and lubricants, other materials and inventories in order to monitor all cost items. Cost control on an ongoing basis allows you to regulate the flow of funds in the planned volumes, as well as optimize the costs of the organization to increase the profitability of logistics services. The cost management process is labor-intensive, since it is necessary not only to work with the final indicators of costs, but also to control directly the issuance of materials, fuel resources and funds to drivers for transportation. The software "Universal Accounting System" is developed in accordance with the specifics of logistics, transport and courier companies and provides such tools for work and control over the conduct of activities, such as waybills, fuel cards, accounting sheets and various tables. The fuel accounting sheet contains a detailed list of the required volumes and costs of fuels and lubricants, making it easier for you to control the actual fuel consumed in accordance with certain standards. The functions of the program allow not only to monitor the dynamics of expenses, but also to conduct full-fledged work of all areas of the enterprise's activity in a single information resource. The USU software is distinguished by its convenience due to the automation of calculations, the efficiency of operations, a visual interface, and communications by e-mail. Users of our computer system can quickly generate and print any necessary documents: consignment notes, order forms, acts and invoices, statements for costs. In addition, employees of your company will be able to draw up standard templates of contracts in order to more quickly sign agreements. Thus, the software contributes to a more efficient management of various work processes - both the performance of daily tasks and the solution of important management issues.

The "Directories" section, which is a universal information base of the enterprise, is easy to use thanks to the visual catalogs, divided into categories. It contains all the data required in transport accounting, which can be updated by users as they are updated. The "Modules" section is a table with all current and completed orders, each of which has its own status and color. This block calculates all the costs required for issuing the driver, determining the price of freight, assigning transport and performers, tracking the transportation of goods and receiving payment. The "Reports" section performs the function of financial analytics, as it allows you to download various reports that characterize the indicators of the state and activities of the enterprise, which contains visual tables, graphs and diagrams.

The waybills generated in the system represent a list of accounting for the issue of fuel, in which the time, flight and volumes of fuels and lubricants required for transportation are determined. It will be easier to check whether the fuel consumption figures set in the accounting records match the actual costs incurred by keeping all the documents submitted by drivers as proof of costs in the system. Moreover, in the USU software, registration of fuel cards is available, in which the limits and standards for the consumption of fuels and lubricants are calculated. This will allow you to regulate the consumption of fuel resources in the current mode, as well as prevent cases of overspending.

Visualization of control and cost analysis, possible thanks to such program tools as a fuel accounting sheet, a table with inventory, individual maps for the consumption of fuels and lubricants, allow you to increase the efficiency of the logistics services business and increase the amount of revenue received.

The program for accounting of fuels and lubricants will allow you to track the consumption of fuel and fuels and lubricants in a courier company, or a delivery service.

The program for filling out waybills allows you to automate the preparation of documentation in the company, thanks to the automatic loading of information from the database.

The program for accounting of fuels and lubricants can be customized to the specific requirements of the organization, which will help to increase the accuracy of reports.

Any logistics company needs to account for gasoline and fuels and lubricants using modern computer systems that will provide flexible reporting.

It is much easier to keep track of fuel consumption with the USU software package, thanks to full accounting for all routes and drivers.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Expert and chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

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Accounting of waybills can be carried out quickly and without problems with modern USU software.

You can keep track of fuel on routes using the program for waybills from the USU company.

The program for accounting waybills allows you to display up-to-date information on the consumption of fuels and lubricants and fuel by the company's transport.

The program for recording waybills will allow you to collect information on costs on the routes of vehicles, receiving information on the spent fuel and other fuels and lubricants.

The program for the formation of waybills allows you to prepare reports within the framework of the general financial plan of the company, as well as track expenses along the routes at the moment.

For registration and accounting of waybills in logistics, the fuel and lubricants program, which has a convenient reporting system, will help.

The program for fuel accounting will allow you to collect information on fuel and lubricants spent and analyze costs.

Your company can greatly optimize the cost of fuels and lubricants and fuel by conducting electronic accounting of the movement of waybills using the USU program.

The program for waybills is available for free on the USU website and is ideal for acquaintance, has a convenient design and many functions.

Make the accounting of waybills and fuel and lubricants easier with a modern program from the Universal Accounting System, which will allow you to organize the operation of transport and optimize costs.

To account for fuels and lubricants and fuel in any organization, you will need a waybill program with advanced reporting and functionality.

The program for accounting waybills is required in any transport organization, because with its help you can speed up the execution of reporting.

It is easy and simple to register drivers with the help of modern software, and thanks to the reporting system, you can identify both the most effective employees and reward them, as well as the least useful ones.

Automation of calculations will allow you to avoid mistakes when working with accounting and financial accounting, as well as ensure the correctness of the data in the generated reporting.

The issuance of accountable funds is carried out on the basis of automated cost calculations.

Delivery coordinators will have the opportunity to fully control the cargo transportation process: monitor the passage of each section of the route and the stops made, calculate the remaining distance and determine the delivery date.

After the cargo is delivered, the program records the fact of payment or arrears in order to ensure timely receipt of payments.

Working with tables in the USU software is convenient and simple due to the visual forms of reports.

Order an accounting bill of fuels and lubricants

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How to buy the program?

Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

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Accounting bill of fuels and lubricants

The program also provides opportunities for carrying out warehouse activities: responsible specialists can control the processes of supply, issue and write-off of materials.

Personnel audit tools will replace time control sheets and regulate the work of employees in the computer system.

Your transport company specialists can set minimum values for each item of the commodity nomenclature in order to more efficiently manage spare parts, fuel and other materials.

Analysis of the data presented in tables with financial indicators helps to regulate the volume of revenues and profits, as well as to ensure high rates of profitability.

Users can maintain a detailed nomenclature of flights and routes, vehicles, types of services, stocks, suppliers, branches, etc.

The possibilities of the program contribute to the development of relations with customers, since various tools of the CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) are available in it.

Controlling the issuance of materials will make it possible to use resources more efficiently.

If necessary, you can download information from electronic statements in MS Excel and MS Word formats.

You will be able to assess how actively the customer base is being replenished and how effectively managers are performing this task.

You can also use functions such as sending letters by e-mail, sending SMS messages and telephony.