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Automation of help desk

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Automation of help desk - Program screenshot

In recent years, Help Desk automation has been in significant demand, which admits specialized services to instantly improve the quality of communication with users, streamline reporting and regulatory documents, accept and process applications, and respond to problems with lightning speed. In case of automation, you do not have to worry that some Help Desk process remains incomplete, the manager not respond to the request, not able to prepare the necessary forms on time, transfer information to the repair specialists, and switch to performing a completely new task.

Who is the developer?

Akulov Nikolay

Chief programmer who participated in the design and development of this software.

Date this page was reviewed:

The USU Software development (usu.kz) has been operating in the area of Help Desk users support for quite a long period of time, which determines the high quality of automation, a wide range of IT products, and a versatile and varied functional range. It is no secret, not all problems can be hidden by automation, some structural errors and managerial deficiencies can be solved. The Help Desk registers provide detailed information on clients. Users do not have a problem looking at the history of requests, to find a free master for certain characteristics of the application. In event of automation, it is difficult to miss a nuance that can later be decisive. If specialists require additional parts and materials, special equipment, spare parts, then information is included in the report, which is prepared by the automation program upon completion of the repair. The Help Desk platform allows freely exchanging data, text, and graphic files, organically distributing the workload on the staff of the organization, strictly monitoring the observance of repair deadlines. Without automation, it is difficult to effectively communicate with customers, engage in advertising SMS distribution, and simply inform the customer that the task has been completed. If there are no problems with one or two orders, then when there are dozens of them, certain difficulties arise. A separate advantage of the Help Desk platform is the ability to adapt specific operating settings conditions, which is of fundamental importance in automation. Each company defines its own tasks: financial activities, communication with customers, working relationships, etc. Help Desk programs have become widespread in many industries and areas of activity, including ordinary service centers, medical organizations, user support services, and government agencies specializing in communication with the population. Automation looks like the best solution. It is difficult to find a better quality functional project that radically changes management in a matter of minutes. The Help Desk platform is engaged in service and users information support, monitors current and planned tasks, prepares regulations and reports. With automation, the registering an application time is significantly reduced. Users do not need to take unnecessary actions. The registration process takes a few seconds. The planner makes sure all work repairs are completed on time. If certain tasks require additional materials, parts, and spare parts, then artificial intelligence quickly checks their availability or helps to quickly organize purchases.

The Help Desk configuration is ideal for all users, regardless of computer skills and experience. With automation, repairs are monitored at every stage and every stage. The information is presented in a visual form. It is not forbidden to inform customers about repair measures by means of SMS-mailing, to report the cost of service, to advertise the company"s services, etc. Users do not have a problem exchanging operational data on current orders, text, and graphic files, to find a free specialist for a specific task. It is easy to display performance metrics on screens for a meaningful insight into the performance of each staff member. Help Desk configuration not only tracks current and planned actions, but also automatically prepares reports, records performance, and determines the cost of services.

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To buy the program, just call or write to us. Our specialists will agree with you on the appropriate software configuration, prepare a contract and an invoice for payment.

How to buy the program?

Installation and training are done via the Internet
Approximate time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Also you can order custom software development

If you have special software requirements, order custom development. Then you won’t have to adapt to the program, but the program will be adjusted to your business processes!

Automation of help desk

By default, the automation project is equipped with an alert module to keep our hands on the pulse, to buy the necessary parts on time, not to miss an important meeting, not to forget about the completion of work deadlines, etc. Integration with advanced services and systems is not excluded to significantly increase the productivity of the service. The program can be easily used by any service center, computer support department, and government organization. Not all options were included in the basic configuration of the product. Some features are available for a fee. We recommend you study the corresponding list. The choice of a suitable configuration should start with the demo version to get to know, practice, study the functional range in an elementary way. The business process is characterized by: the existing technology for the implementation of the business process, the existing structure of the business system, automation tools, equipment, mechanisms, etc., ensuring the implementation of the process. The main indicators for assessing the effectiveness of business processes are the number of products of a given quality, paid for a certain time interval, the number of consumers of products, the number of typical operations that must be performed in the production of products for a specific time interval, the cost of production costs, the duration of typical operations, capital investments in production, as well as a competent assistant as an automation Help Desk.